Graf Road Pump Station Replacement

Newburyport, Massachusetts

BETA designed a new pump station across the street from the existing facility, which was over capacity. The size and depth of the excavation required for the new station was a challenge. During the subsurface investigations, our team found groundwater was at three feet below grade and the foundation would sit entirely in a soft clay. This required a complex excavation and dewatering plan to ensure stability of the excavation.

The new pump station has a capacity of 3.6 MGB, which is almost twice the capacity of the previous station. The new design has improved personnel safety and operational redundancy. The new station allows for expansion of a mixed-use development that’s currently in the design phase. It also allows for expansion of the City’s industrial park by amount a million square feet and has increased personnel safety and operational redundancy.

BETA also provided Construction Phase Services and landscape architecture services.

Project Management Team