Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Johnston, Rhode Island

BETA worked with the Town of Johnston to update its Hazard Mitigation plan. After reviewing the current plan to identify needed updates, our team met with stakeholders including the EMA Director, Town Planner, and members of the Town’s HMP Committee to discuss the plan. Together with the Town, we established a core project team and a planning committee to develop a mission statement, assign roles and responsibilities, and outline a specific timeline for planning activities. Public input was essential to the project, which required soliciting input from key stakeholders in the community, including business associations, local or regional institutions, and residents. Our team provided input regarding the feasibility and prioritization of mitigation measures. After gathering the data and reviewing the draft plan update as well as its goals and proposed mitigation projects, we finalized the plan update and presented it to the Town. The plan was then submitted to RIEMA for review and comment. After approval by RIEMA the plan was submitted to FEMA for final approval. The HMP was officially adopted in June 2021.