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Kansas Street Improvements

Natick, Massachusetts

This project involved roadway, sidewalk, and utility improvements along the entire 2,000 foot length of Kansas Street from the main gate of the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) located near Third Street to the intersection of North Main Street (Route 27). The project also includes improvements to the stormwater management system as well as an upgrade to the traffic signal system at the Kansas Street/North Main Street/Franconia Avenue intersection.

Extensive coordination occurred with the US Army NSSC to incorporate their desired features. A multi-use path was constructed on the south side of Kansas Street from North Main Street to the NSSC employee entrance gate to provide pedestrian and bicycle access between NSSC and Rt 27. Also, a new water main was installed to replace an outdated water main. Landscaping and decorative stone walls were added to improve aesthetics.

Improvements to the stormwater management system were made using Low Impact Development (LID) techniques.  Accompanying written descriptions were prepared to Registry of Deed standards for the Town for recording purposes.

Project Management Team