Lakeport Square Intersection Improvements

Laconia, New Hampshire

The Lakeport Square intersection is located along the heavily traveled Union Avenue corridor that serves as the City’s business district. The roadway includes numerous commercial establishments and is the primary north-south connection to the Weirs section of the City. The Lakeport Square signalized intersection includes Union Street, Elm Street, and Church Street. The signal operation includes railroad pre-emption and pedestrian phasing. In an effort to enhance public safety and ease traffic operational issues, the City retained BETA to conduct an engineering study. Using aerial imagery and field data, BETA developed several conceptual upgrades for the intersection. Alternatives investigated included various revisions to lane assignments and improvements to the substandard pedestrian facilities. These options were presented to the City Council for consideration. The selected alternative was incorporated into and will be constructed with BETA’s design of the Union Avenue corridor improvements.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop improvement alternatives to reduce vehicle queuing
  • Accommodate vehicles within turn lanes
  • Improve safety by posting restriction signs
  • Modify lane usage and traffic signal phasing to provide more efficient traffic flow
  • Incorporate a pre-emptive system into the traffic signal tied in with the nearby railroad crossing
  • Prepare conceptual plans based on field investigations and operational deficiencies observed during peak summer vacation travel periods