Main Street CBD Traffic & Corridor Improvements

Worcester, Massachusetts

BETA was hired to develop and design traffic, roadway, and streetscape improvements for the Main Street Corridor in downtown Worcester from School Street to Madison and Chandler Street. The selected corridor is comprised of eleven (11) signalized intersections that run parallel to Interstate 290. During peak traffic hours, vehicles divert onto this corridor causing significant congestion.

The area is primarily commercial, running through the heart of downtown. This commercial stretch of roadway is home to various stores, restaurants, and large entertainment venues such as the DCU Center, the Palladium, and Mechanics Hall. City Hall and the Worcester Common are also located east of Main Street between Front Street and Franklin Street.

BETA’s recommendations to accommodate local businesses was to improve traffic flow and overall progression during peak traffic hours by upgrading and retiming existing traffic signals and install the latest Adaptive Signal Control Systems Technologies (ASCT).

BETA is also designing roadway improvements for overall pedestrian and vehicle safety. Proposed roadway improvements include pavement milling and resurfacing, limited full depth pavement, sidewalk, streetscape, and wheelchair ramp improvements.

The Main Street CBD improvement project is being funded through the TIP and designed in accordance with MassDOT requirements.

Project Management Team