Main Street Reconstruction

Newmarket, New Hampshire

BETA was instrumental in developing a new vision plan for Newmarket’s Village Center. The multi-phase project began in 2003.

As part of the initial phase, the design responsibilities included developing an overall circulation study that included public workshops with alternate plans. Color perspective renderings depicting the proposed improvements were developed with stakeholder groups in order to reach design consensus. BETA was originally responsible for creating a cohesive and distinct vision for the community and assisted in implementing the vision plan through multi-phase construction contracts. Central to this project was a unique Public Outreach effort, which featured the creation of a ‘Main Street Design Office’ – a storefront that the design team occupied during the early stages of the project. Scheduled open ‘office hours’ created a format for the public to come in and discuss their thoughts and concerns and helped the team build a better understanding of the Town. The storefront prompted numerous in-depth conversations, often with site walks to gain a complete understanding of how the design concepts would actually lay out in the field. The multi-month effort bolstered public support for the work, which lead to public officials approving the full project, including the cost of burying underground the overhead electric lines.

The early visioning work BETA performed helped clarify public priorities such as pedestrian safety and enhanced walkability through wider sidewalks, which would also accommodate outdoor dining or areas for shop owners to display merchandise. All of the on-street parking in downtown was reconfigured to meet these goals.

BETA was responsible for the advancement of the Town’s vision goals from the design development phase through to the final design phase. Work included the design of sidewalks, crosswalks, specialty pavers, and surface treatments, as well as the street trees, site amenities, and ornamental lighting. Particular attention was given to creating a high-quality public space.

Project Management Team