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Mount Hope Pump Station Improvements

Bristol, Rhode Island

The Mount Hope Pumping Station is a precast dry well / wet well type constructed in 1986. The pumps, motor control center, and miscellaneous equipment were beyond their useful design life and required frequent maintenance.  In addition, the existing generator was located on the first floor of the dry well and was a worker safety concern and not in agreement with NFPA 820- Fire protection in Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facilities.

The  station is  heavily  influenced by infiltration and inflow (I/I) and although influent sewers  are  subject  to  sanitary  sewer  overflows,  a  capacity  increase  for  the  station could not be considered due to hydraulic limitations downstream. The station capacity was therefore maintained and BETA, together with the Town, identified and removed upstream I/I sources to the station.

During the preliminary design, BETA worked with the Town to identify the needs for the station and their preferences relative to equipment. Due to existing site and budget limitations, the decision was made to rehabilitate the existing pumping station.

Because the station underwent a complete mechanical and electrical renovation, a bypass pumping system was required to manage station flows. The initial phase of construction included the installation of a permanent bypass connection to the existing force  main  utilizing  a  tapping  sleeve  and  valve  and  the  installation  of  a  temporary electrical service to power the bypass pump.  Bypass pumps were fully automatic self-priming centrifugal pumps equipped with sound attenuating enclosures.  The electric pump was equipped with a 150 hp VFD and functioned as the duty pump.  The backup pump was equipped with a diesel engine.

Project Management Team