MS4 Task Evaluation, Compliance, and Budget Strategy Program

Various Communities, Massachusetts

BETA has developed and implemented a special program to assist municipalities in establishing a 10-year compliance strategy, including schedule and probable budget requirements for the 2016 MS4 Permit.

BETA’s Permit Status and Compliance Strategy Matrix compiles/documents:

  1. Current status of compliance with the 2003 Permit including SWMP, regulations, mapping, screening and sampling, catch basin cleaning, and street sweeping program.
  2. Unique nature of the municipality relative to urbanized area, endangered species habitat areas and historic properties, water protection areas, age and condition of sewer/septic systems, impairment status of its water bodies, list of public facilities, and other MS4s in the Town/City.
  3. Ability and capacity of municipal staff to complete specific tasks.
  4. Ability of the Town to engage community and local watershed groups to assist with public education, providing templates for required documents, training, screening, and sampling.

BETA conducts workshops and presentations that engage and unify municipal staff through education and the development of a minimum compliance strategy for each of the required tasks.

BETA then drafts a report summarizing the 10-year consensus strategy and probable budget requirements for each task for the municipality to schedule and obtain necessary funds.

BETA has completed this program for Massachusetts communities including North Attleborough, Upton, Medford, Randolph, Norwell, Needham, and Westwood.