Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Planning

Various Communities, Massachusetts


BETA has successfully assisted several Massachusetts communities in applying for a planning grant through the State’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program. The grant funding was used to complete climate change vulnerability assessments along with Community Resilience Building Workshops. BETA met with core teams in the communities to identify and engage stakeholders from the community and created materials for use in conducting the MVP Workshops including summaries of climate data and impacts. The one or two-day workshops identified extreme weather and climate change hazards facing the communities, as well as infrastructural, societal, and environmental vulnerabilities and strengths. Mitigation actions were developed and prioritized and findings from the workshops were compiled into a Summary of Findings Report for each community.

Once the Summary of Findings Report is approved by the State, the communities will be eligible to seek action grant funding through the MVP Program for items developed during the Community Resilience Building Workshop. The Town could seek funding of up to $2 million for projects that mitigate the effects of climate change on their vulnerable assets.

Our team has completed the process for North Attleboro, Stoughton, Lancaster, Plympton, and Westwood.


Project Management Team