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  • Street North Easton MA
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North Easton Village, Main Street Redevelopment

North Easton, Massachusetts

The Town of Easton experienced redevelopment in its historic North Easton Village area. Private development included the redevelopment of train garden in parking lothe former Ames Shovel Shop manufacturing campus into new housing and office space which was completed in 2014.

The Town is also planning for a proposed commuter rail station in the Village as part of the MBTA’s South Cast Rail Project. BETA assisted the Town in its application for a MassWorks Grant to make public improvements to Main Street within the limits of the Village.

In addition to Main Street, the first phase of work includes the upgrade of a municipal parking lot and enhancement of a pedestrian walkway from Main Street to the parking lot which is located to the rear of a commercial block. The stormwater management strategy for the parking lot includes the construction of a rain garden.

BETA worked with the Community, including the Historic Commission, to develop concepts and designs for the improvements which include period lighting, underground of overhead services, wider sidewalks, bike racks and other amenities.

Project Management Team