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Pavement Management Program

Westerly, Rhode Island

The Town of Westerly, a coastal community located in Southwestern Rhode Island, worked with BETA to develop a customized Pavement Management System for its 140-mile roadway network.

The State’s E-911 centerline file, coupled with the Town’s new digital orthophotography was used as a basemap for this project. Westerly’s Pavement Management Program was developed utilizing BETA’s customized Microsoft Access database. BETA personnel inspected and rated each town roadway to determine its condition in terms of surface distresses. Surface distresses such as cracking, potholes, and patching are given a severity (Low, Moderate, and High) and extent (percentage of roadway). The information from the inspections was used to populate the database and determine a townwide average Road Surface Rating (RSR) to go along with individual street RSR. Upon completion of the PMP, the 2010 average RSR was determined to be 77 (on a scale of 0 to 100); contained in that average were a significant number of roadways classified as a reconstruction or reclamation.

The final deliverable for this project, in addition to the pavement data elements, was a PowerPoint presentation that summarized the system findings of the pavement (140 miles) and Capital Improvement Plan. This includes presenting information related to software capabilities, data collection methodologies, existing pavement, and programming/budgeting options. Although sidewalk inspections were not performed during the roadway inspections, BETA’s customized Microsoft Access application was formatted to allow the Town to perform these inspections.

Project Management Team