Pavement Management Program

Bellingham, MA

Since 2011, BETA has been providing a range of GIS-based Asset Management Services to the Town of Bellingham. The Town has effectively utilized PeopleGIS to manage its roadways, as well as sewer, water, and stormwater utilities. This robust platform has enabled the Town to maintain and update its Pavement Condition Index (PCI) scores over time, contributing significantly to the management of its pavement program.

Most recently, we provided training for one of the Town’s interns on using the tablet-based version of PeopleGIS’ SimpliCITY Streets program. This training focused on updating roadway surface ratings and entering roadway distress information. As a result, the Town now possesses an updated, network-wide PCI reflective of the conditions observed during inspections. Furthermore, the Town has leveraged the PeopleGIS platform to develop a comprehensive capital improvement plan that integrates various utility assets.

BETA has also supported the Town in maintaining its utility assets, ensuring that datasets are current with developments like new subdivisions. Our assistance extends to both the GIS desktop level and the PeopleGIS platform.