Pavement Management Program Services

Various Communities, Massachusetts
roadway MA


BETA has developed more than 60 Pavement Management Programs for municipalities throughout Massachusetts. The Pavement Management Program was developed utilizing BETA’s customized Microsoft Access application. This system provides each municipality with the opportunity to synthesize pavement condition data with other descriptive information on a host of related roadway elements such as drainage, traffic signs, and sidewalks and to assist with capital improvement planning (CIP). The following provides a brief description of the program’s functionality.

All functions of the pavement management program are run from a main switchboard dialog box within Microsoft Access. From this switchboard, users can access specialized forms for entering pavement inventory data, modifying the road surface rating (RSR) calculation parameters, and entering possible repair methods and budgeting information. Reports can be sorted by a variety of parameters and can be customized to the needs of each individual user.

The final deliverable for these projects, in addition to the pavement data elements, will be a report that summarizes the system findings of the pavement. This includes presenting information related to software capabilities, data collection methodologies, and existing pavement and programming/budgeting options.

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