PFAS Removal at Water Treatment Facility

Stow, Massachusetts

The Town of Stow owns and operates a water treatment unit that is sized to serve the Town Office Building, Old Town Hall, Randall Public Library, Old Fire Station, a single family house, and the First Parish Church – approximately 2,000 gallons per day on average. The existing treatment unit filters water from the on-site well for high iron and manganese levels.

In 2019, PFAS test results on raw water indicated elevated levels of 72 parts per trillion (ppt) in September and 94 ppt in December. As a result, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) directed the Town to engage the services of a Registered Professional Engineer to provide engineering consulting services for the design, bidding and construction services of a new PFAS removal system.

BETA was selected to provide PFAS removal services including design through construction oversight. In addition to PFAS-related treatment solutions, pH levels were also addressed due to data showing typical levels of around 6. As part of BETA’s design, pH adjustment system with continuous pH and chlorine residual monitoring will be included.

Project Management Team