Historic Lexington Town Center and Battle Green

Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington Town Center is a vibrant public place with a significant amount of commercial retail and institutional land use, as well as numerous national historic landmarks. Lexington Center was one of the first town centers to undergo a high level of pedestrian friendly streetscape treatment over 50 years ago. Through a very competitive qualification-based process, BETA was selected to undertake the comprehensive placemaking upgrade of the Center, as well as enhancements to the historic Battle Green.

BETA’s in-house Landscape Architects and Traffic Engineers collaborated together and partnered with the Town’s steering committee to develop an integrated plan of improvements that respects the history of the area, enhances the pedestrian experience, and addresses ADA compliance, while meeting the transportation and commercial needs of the area. Given the mix of vehicles, tour buses, transit buses, cyclists and pedestrians, BETA utilized VISSIM (a highly sophisticated micro simulation model) to assess alternatives. Additionally, the project required an extensive community outreach process.

Project Management Team