• Framingham pump station
  • Framingham pump station

Pleasant Street Water Pumping Station Improvements

Framingham, Massachusetts

The Pleasant Street Water Pumping Station (PSWPS) was constructed in 1961 and pumps water from the Metro West Tunnel, owned by the MWRA, to the City Pressure Zone. The station supplies over 50% of the water utilized in this zone. The existing station was equipped with two electric pumps with a capacity of 3.7 mgd, each. The station also had a natural gas driven auxiliary pump with a capacity of 5.0 mgd.

The PSWPS was identified for improvements in the City’s Water Master Plan based on planned industrial and commercial development within the City, as well as equipment age and pumping redundancy. Planned development included the large projected increase in demand from the adjacent Route 9/Route 90 Economic Development Zone (EDZ) area.

Major Design Features

  • Removal and replacement of two (2) 100-hp pumps with three (3) 150-hp horizontal split-case centrifugal pumps with design capacities of:
  • Normal operation with 1 pump running = 5.2 mgd @ 115’ TDH
  • Full capacity with 2 pumps running = 7.5 mgd @ 140’ TDH
  • Installation of a 500 kW standby engine/generator with 3,000 gallon above-ground diesel fuel storage tank and automatic transfer switch
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and controls
  • Seamless integration with the City’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems