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PPAC Roadway and Streetscape Improvements

Providence, Rhode Island

BETA was hired by the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) to assist the City of Providence with the design of roadway and streetscape improvements for the section of Weybosset Street that is home to the PPAC theater. Weybosset Street had run one-way in this area and the project proposed to reconfigure the street to provide two-way circulation involving curbline modifications and lane development to accommodate the two-way section. Additional improvements included pavement rehabilitation, traffic signal modification, streetscape enhancements, and traffic calming improvements. Street trees, ornamental lighting, and alternative paving materials for the roadway, sidewalks, and crosswalks are all part of the streetscape enhancements.

The pavement and sidewalk treatments were chosen to enhance the “square” appearance and encourage traffic calming and pedestrian activity. These measures include exposed aggregate concrete roadway and sidewalks, granite crosswalks, and bollards.

The conceptual design of the project involved a comprehensive consensus-building process with project stakeholders including PPAC, abutters, and City officials.

BETA assisted the City during the construction of this project.

Project Management Team