Reconstruction of Route 20

Charlton & Oxford, Massachusetts

BETA is providing professional environmental consulting services as part of the design-build team tasked with finalizing and implementing the design for the Reconstruction of Route 20 Project in Charlton and Oxford, MA (MassDOT Project #602659). The project consists of roadway widening and geometry improvements, intersection improvements, bridge and culvert replacements, and mitigation efforts including the construction of a 1.16-acre wetland replication area and the restoration of waterways and habitat features.

As a design-build project, BETA coordinates with the design-build contractor and engineer to review new and revised designs for compliance with environmental permits issued for the original project design. BETA’s tracking of environmental commitments and permit conditions has proven effective in maintaining permit compliance and identifying project facets requiring environmental permit amendments. BETA has prepared detailed permit amendment requests for submission to the Charlton and Oxford Conservation Commissions, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. These amendment requests reflect BETA’s attention to, and input on, project design details throughout the design-build process, resulting in significant decreases in impacts to wetlands and waterways. These decreases in impacts to wetlands have also resulted in BETA’s redesign of the wetland replication area that meets regulatory performance standard requirements while minimizing the clearing of uplands within a parcel conveyed for open space preservation as part of project mitigation commitments. BETA has also contributed to several environmental documents prepared by the contractor required by project contract requirements including the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
(SWPPP), wetland restoration and replication specifications, dewatering and water control plans, and staging and stockpiling plans.

In addition to these technical contributions, BETA has acted as a liaison between the design-build team, MassDOT Environmental, and regulatory officials. BETA has facilitated and led preconstruction site meetings, provided presentations on design changes to regulatory agencies, and provided the necessary coordination required to address comments from the regulators. BETA’s dedication to the design-build team, acknowledgement of MassDOT’s interests, and respect for regulators has resulted in a smooth commencement of construction and the completion of early construction activities in compliance with all applicable environmental permits.