Route 1 Bridge over Noroton River Replacement

Stamford and Darien, Connecticut

BETA is the prime consultant performing construction engineering and inspection services for the replacement of Bridge No. 00315 over the Noroton River located on the Stamford and Darien line.

The existing bridge, a two-span structure, consists of prestressed concrete deck units, concrete encased steel beams, reinforced concrete T-beams, and one interior and one exterior closed spandrel arch. The proposed bridge replacement, a single span superstructure, will be composed of prestressed beams with a concrete deck on new pile supported footings and abutments. The existing profile of U.S. Route 1 will be raised approximately 2.5-feet at the bridge to meet the minimum hydraulic opening requirements.

Work is being performed in four stages. During Stage 1, a temporary bridge was installed to the north of the existing bridge. The temporary bridge has two lanes of traffic and a sidewalk for pedestrians. During Stage 2, traffic will be switched to the temporary bridge while the existing bridge is prepared for an additional lane of traffic during stage 3. Stage 3 consists of removal of the existing structure and replacement of Bridge No. 00315 to the southern portion. Once Stage 3 is complete, traffic from the existing bridge and temporary bridge will be redirected to the new structure maintaining 3 lanes of traffic. During Stage 4, the temporary bridge and northern section of the existing bridge will be removed to for the completion of Bridge No. 00315.

Work also includes utility relocation both temporary and permanent for power, water, gas and communications.

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