Route 44 Reconstruction – Environmental Permitting

Taunton, Massachusetts

Since 2017, BETA has provided ecological and environmental services in support of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Route 44 (Dean Street) Reconstruction Project in Taunton, Massachusetts. The purpose of the project is to improve the connection between downtown Taunton and Route 24, provide public transit accommodations, enhance safety conditions, provide pedestrian and bicycle amenities, meet current ADA/AAB standards, and improve overall vehicular traffic and intersection operations. The project includes the construction of a retaining wall along the Taunton River and the extension of a culvert carrying Route 44 over a perennial stream to accommodate the proposed roadway widening.

During the project design process, BETA provided resource area identification and delineation of the onsite wetlands and bank and assisted with permitting efforts, preparing and submitting documents for review under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, including preparation of the Notice of Intent (NOI) filing and assoicated Detailed Wildlife Habitat Evaluation due to the proposed impacts to Bordering Land Subject to Flooding and Bank. BETA represented MassDOT during the NOI public hearing and assisted MassDOT in receiving a Superseding Order of Conditions from MassDEP through preparation of a Riverfront Area Restoration Plan. To document compliance with the BLSF Performance Standards, BETA’s senior engineer prepared a HEC-RAS analysis to model the project’s impact on the flooding of the Taunton River, documenting that the proposed fill would result in a “no-rise” of the floodway.

As part of our environmental monitoring tasks, BETA monitors construction activities for compliance with environmental regulations, permit conditions, the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Construction Pollution Prevention Plan (CPPP), contract specifications, and other environmental plans and documents. BETA also reviews and provides recommendations on the Invasive Species Control Plan, Water Control/Dewatering Plan, and site plan changes Additionally, BETA submits weekly monitoring reports to MassDOT and monthly progress reports to MassDEP; attends onsites with MassDEP; documents compliance with permits; and coordinates with the contractor and MassDOT to address compliance concerns.