Route 6 Improvements

Somerset, Massachusetts

BETA’s work on this project consists of improvements to Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US Route 6) to support a small commercial real estate development in the Town of Somerset. Construction funds were obtained through a MassWorks Grant through a partnership between the Town and the developer.

Route 6 will serve as the primary access route to the new commercial project, providing immediate local access. A new driveway with a reconstructed traffic signal is proposed to be the primary access to the site along with a right in, right out access approximately 700 feet to the west. The project complies with all elements of MassDOT’s pedestrian and bicycle design criteria and was subject to MassDOT’s Access Permit review process as Route 6 is state highway layout within the project limits. Approximately 1600 feet of new and reconstructed sidewalk will be completed and bicycle accommodation by means of five-foot shoulders on both sides of the roadway will be provided. The project also included coordination with private utilities in order to coordinate the relocation of utility poles and overhead wires.