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  • water storage tank salisbury
  • water storage tank salisbury
  • water storage tank salisbury

Salisbury Beach Water Storage Tank Replacement

Salisbury, Massachusetts

The existing storage tank was a 300,000 gallon elevated, multi-legged steel tank subject to harsh conditions from salt spray and high winds from the Atlantic Ocean only a few hundred feet away. The results of a tank inspection indicated severe corrosion requiring extensive repairs and repainting. The Town decided that it would be more cost effective to completely replace the tank.

BETA designed an elevated water storage tank replacement. The selected style was a composite tank to minimize corrosion and maintenance as well as provide an enclosed storage area.

BETA created renderings of the proposed tank as it would look from several vantage points in the area. Design calculations indicated that the new tank be increased to 500,000 gallons to accommodate impending development along the beach.

The project included:

  • 500,000-gallon elevated composite tank
  • Deep foundation supports (40 H-piles)
  • Communications accommodations
  • Interior equipment storage

Project Management Team