Sandwich-Barnstable-Yarmouth Route 6 Widening Project

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

The project includes the preparation of Contract Documents and associated permitting for the resurfacing and widening (and related work) for the eastbound and westbound directions of travel on Route 6 in the Towns of Sandwich, Barnstable, and Yarmouth, from the Chase Road Interchange (Exit 63) in Sandwich to the Willow Street Interchange (Exit 72) in Yarmouth; a distance of approximately 10.5 miles. The existing roadway cross section consists of approximately two 11’ travel lanes with 1’ RT and 1-2’ LT shoulders. The design cross section is for two 12’ travel lanes with 10’ RT and 4’ LT shoulders.

This project will improve highway safety along this critical Evacuation Route. The proposed widened shoulders will provide emergency pull-over capacity and will address existing hydroplaning issues that occur during heavy rain events. The project will increase the resiliency of the highway facility by providing wider shoulders better capable of shedding rainwater runoff away from the highway’s travel lanes. Stormwater management of the roadway will be improved by eliminating large portions of existing substandard closed-drainage systems, to convey rainwater runoff away from the roadway edges by sheet runoff across the new shoulders to open water quality BMPs (Best Management Practice) treatment measures. Bridge structures within the Project Limits will have their bridge railings replaced with current TL-5 Crash Tested Barriers.

Project Management Team