Sea Street Corridor Improvements

Quincy, Massachusetts

The primary project objectives were to improve safety and reduce congestion along this important roadway corridor for all users such as pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles and transit. Sea Street serves as the primary arterial connector between the City of Quincy and the City’s eastern peninsula communities of Hough’s Neck and Germantown. Improvements include upgrading traffic signals, roadway conditions, installation of traffic control devices for all users as well as complete street improvements. BETA assisted the City in the TIP funding procurement process.

The project reconfigured the roadway to include bicycle accommodation, ADA compliant sidewalks, ramps, proper curb reveals, medians for pedestrian refugee, traffic calming and landscape/streetscape enhancements. The project required public outreach, interacting with commercial owners and collaboration with MassDOT as well as coordination with utility companies on undergrounding.

Project Management Team