Souhegan River Pedestrian Trail

Merrimack, New Hampshire

This project involved the construction of a pedestrian trail along the Souhegan River and through a former dam and mill complex. The trail also crosses under the existing arch bridge that carries US Route 3 over the Souhegan River. Approximately 200 feet of the trail will consist of a concrete boardwalk structure. The trail also passes over an area containing contaminated soils. This project is receiving federal funding through a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant administered through the NHDOT Local Public Agencies (LPA) program.

BETA is providing complete construction engineering services for this project including full-time resident observation and construction administration services. Construction observation is performed in accordance with NHDOT standards, including daily field reports and daily quantity book calculations. Construction administration includes pay requisition reviews and approvals, facilitating bi-weekly meetings and construction schedule reviews. BETA is following all of the Office of Federal Compliance procedures including payroll reviews, worker interviews, and ensuring Davis-Bacon wage rates are used.

BETA personnel are also reviewing the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Invasive Species Control Plan, weekly erosion control reports, and conducting field visits to inspect the erosion control.

Specially trained BETA personnel are also monitoring the excavation and filling of the areas with known hazardous soils materials to ensure safe compliance with the hazardous waste specifications and permits.