Spencer Street Improvements

Lebanon, New Hampshire

BETA engineers have been working diligently to provide services associated with the Preliminary Design of the Spencer Street improvements. Those familiar with the area know this corridor has traditionally served industrial and single-family homes directly abutting or accessed by the corridor. In recent years, the roadway has experienced significant growth with the construction of several commercial and multi-unit residential developments. Additionally, the City has accepted a proposal from a private entity for the redevelopment of the former DPW site on Spencer Street. These projects, coupled with the potential future development, have necessitated a significant upgrade to the Spencer Street corridor.

The major focus of the Preliminary Design phase was the development and evaluation of design alternatives to accommodate the multitude of users of the roadway. This required that the design utilized a “Complete Streets” approach when developing the improvements options. BETA prepared three design options (complex, intermediate, and simple) for review by the City. Each option included varying levels of specific various design elements including sidewalk material type, location of sidewalk, pavement/subbase treatment, and streetscape elements. The project also includes the reconfiguration of the Taylor/Spencer Street intersection. Currently, there is a stop condition westbound traffic on Spencer Street. As this is the predominant movement in the intersection, the proposed design will re-align Taylor Street to form a “T” with Spencer Street.

BETA will also prepare specifications and estimates, acquire all necessary permits, and advertisement/award for a spring 2021 construction.

Project Management Team