Stormwater Mapping & Compliance

Warwick, Rhode Island
warwick RI Map


BETA was retained by the City of Warwick to assist with mapping and inspection of the stormwater drainage system in the sub-watersheds of Brushneck Cove and Warwick Cove. The City estimated 600 catch basins were to be located in the field.

BETA created a revised map of the City’s stormwater system, including GPS locating and mapping of catch basins, manholes, outfalls, pipes, and structural BMPs. The information obtained was incorporated into the City’s existing GIS data and used by the City as part of the RIDEM MMAP program. The fieldwork also included inspecting catch basins and manholes for illicit connections and non-stormwater discharges and inspecting outfalls for dry weather discharges and evidence of illicit discharges. In addition, BETA developed approximate stormwater catchment areas and incorporated the boundary areas into the GIS maps.

BETA successfully completed the initial inspection of 600 drainage structures ahead of schedule, and the City requested BETA conduct an inspection of an additional 600 structures within the Warwick Pond sub-watershed.

Project Management Team