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Stormwater/Sewer Infrastructure Integrated Plan

Everett, Massachusetts

BETA has been working closely with the City of Everett to develop an Integrated Plan (IP) for stormwater and wastewater infrastructure. The project was initiated based on discussions between EPA, DEP, BETA, and the City when it became evident that Everett was facing a multitude of issues that could not be addressed all at once. The objective of the IP is to create a comprehensive evaluation of the citywide stormwater and wastewater collection  infrastructure  and  provide  a  long  term,  affordable  plan  that  outlines  an approach for efficiently operating and maintaining those systems.  The effort responds to Mass DEP’s short term and long term CWSRF goals and follows the first five elements of framework established by EPA for creation of an integrated plan including:

  1. Identification of water quality, human health and regulatory issues being addressed
  2. Description of existing wastewater and stormwater systems
  3. Communication with stakeholders
  4. Alternatives and proposed schedule
  5. Measuring success

The  major  goals  for  the  City  are  to  reduce  SSOs  and  flooding  and  to  better  position themselves for the future.  The strategy is a focus on removing I/I and illicit connections and managing stormwater.  The plan includes preparation for the future through climate change as well as upcoming NPDES and MS4 permit requirements. Communication with stakeholders is a critical component of an integrated plan.  Throughout the IP process, monthly meetings were held with city staff of various departments to gather feedback and keep all informed of the project focus and progress.

BETA  began  by  obtaining  and  reviewing  previous  plans  and  studies,  O&M  concerns, ongoing  development/construction  &  planning  documents,  receiving  water  bodies studies including outfall monitoring, environmental permits and local climate change, and  hazard  mitigation  planning  efforts.    BETA  performed  field  investigations  to  verify  and  revise  stormwater  mapping and existing conditions and identify opportunities for projects including catch basin disconnection, IDDE, and operations and  maintenance.    Using  this  information,  nearly  70  candidate  improvement  projects  including  capital  construction improvements, studies, evaluations, data management, O&M improvements, stormwater treatment, and CMOM tasks were developed for assessment and ranking.  Throughout the development of the IP BETA worked with the City to open and maintain communication with regulatory agencies, city government, city departments and interested stakeholders. BETA is also working with the City on a public outreach and public education campaign to gain public review, comment and support for the project findings and recommendations.

The resulting IP document is a capital improvements plan that will provide a roadmap Everett can use to plan into the future.  The plan includes:

  • Information on receiving waters
  • Overview of storm and sewer systems
  • Inventory ongoing development/construction & planning
  • Stakeholder input and public outreach
  • Climate change impacts
  • Projects recommended for implementation
  • Present action strategy
  • Potential funding sources
  • Performance measure program

Project Management Team