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Utility Related Abatement Measures – Licensed Site Professional Services

Framingham, Massachusetts

Since 2008, BETA has provided Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services for the City of Framingham for water, sewer, and drainage projects around the City. These services have included response actions under the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP’s) Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP, 310 CMR 40.0000 et seq.) for Utility-Related Abatement Measures (URAMs). These projects typically have included developing specifications for management and disposal of soil and groundwater, contractor oversight, soil management, dewatering permitting and sampling, preparation of Bills of Lading for disposal of excess soil, and preparation and submittal of appropriate MassDEP submittals. Specifically, these projects have included:

  • Speen Street Sewer Interceptor – Soil contaminated with arsenic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • Union Avenue – Investigation and management of soil contaminated with gasoline and chlorinated solvents
  • Concord Street – Soil contaminated with petroleum from various service stations
  • Grant Street – Soil containing broken asbestos pipe
  • Downtown – Soil and groundwater contaminated with gasoline
  • Main Street – Soil Management
  • Roads and Sidewalks – Soil Management

Additionally, BETA has assisted the City with developing their waste management policy that documents procedures for the handling, management, and disposal of various waste streams (soil, groundwater, asbestos, and construction debris) generated during utility work within the City.

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