Valley Street Complete Streets Improvements

Manchester, New Hampshire

Valley Street currently has no bicycle facilities, a high vehicle crash rate, gaps in the sidewalk network, and non-compliant ADA facilities. These issues discourage residents from walking and biking. BETA completed a conceptual design, including evaluating several alternatives, in order to improve these conditions.

Improvements to Valley Street will include new and improved sidewalks, ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps, bicycle and pedestrian shared-use paths, bus shelters, traffic and pedestrian signal upgrades, and access management which will improve safety and mobility for people of all ages and abilities. Streetscape and sustainability improvements will also be provided, including new greenspaces, trees, pervious pavement, lighting, and pocket parks which will provide a safe and comfortable walking and biking environment to encourage greater use.

BETA performed the conceptual design, including a cost estimate, plans, sections, an environmental document, and grant writing, in one month.