Washington Street Signal System Optimization

Claremont, New Hampshire


Washington Street is a prime example of a corridor experiencing “typical” traffic problems that accompany retail and commercial development demands placed on a roadway network. Recognizing the need to address these concerns, the City was awarded a Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. These funds are being administered through their Local Public Agency (LPA) Program.

The City’s signal optimization of the Washington Street corridor will consist of optimizing 10 intersection signal systems coupled with the implementation of remote access availability from the fire station which will serve as the central operational command center. Improvements will entail upgrading/retrofitting existing traffic signal control equipment, communication, GPS emergency vehicle pre-emption, and traffic software at the ten existing signalized intersections located along Washington Street. The implementation will include traffic signal controller upgrades, data communication interfaces, remote central operation capability, advanced traffic management system software, system level vehicle detection, and a full peer-to-peer traffic control system. Video feed of live traffic conditions will be included as part of the remote traffic monitoring center at the fire station. For communication interface, wireless communication technology is proposed for the signal system.