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Water Street Improvements

Plymouth, Massachusetts

The Town of Plymouth will be celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2020. The Town has an extensive ongoing effort to prepare for this year-long celebration, expected to be an international event, by revitalizing its commercial and tourism corridor.

A key capital project of the overall Plymouth 400 movement is the upgrade of Water Street, which runs along the historic waterfront of Plymouth Harbor. Water Street provides access to such notable attractions as Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower, the original location of Plymouth Plantation, and other historically significant venues. Also, it provides access to the harbor area, which has active marine related industries, ferry service, as well as recreational and commercial activities.

The BETA team provided the planning and design services for this multi-phased $22M project, and recently completed the construction administration and onsite observation for the Phase I portion, or southern end of Water Street.

The treatment of stormwater was a major consideration in the design, particularly given the coastal location of the project area. This involved the use of best management practices such as sedimentation basins as well as a number of in-road water quality chambers.

The project addressed a number of previously existing untreated outfalls into the harbor and Town Brook, either eliminating them through the reconfiguration of the contributing drainage systems and/or providing for treatment with water quality chambers.

The project used a range of brick, granite, bluestone, and riverstone pavers, as well as exposed aggregate concrete sidewalks and plantings, to create interesting designs while also respecting the site’s historic nature. Other sustainability features include the Town’s construction of fish ladder on Town Brook at the reconstructed Water Street Bridge. The Project was also designed to allow for the placement of solar powered waste and recycling stations at key locations along the route.

Project Management Team