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Water Street Improvements

Plymouth, Massachusetts

The Town of Plymouth will be celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2020. The Town has an extensive ongoing effort to prepare for what is expected to be a year-long celebration. The celebration is expected to be a national, as well as, an international event.

A key capital project of the overall Plymouth 400 Movement is the upgrade of Water Street. Water Street runs along the harbor in the Downtown area of Plymouth. Water Street provides access to such notable attractions as Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower, the original location of Plymouth Plantation and other historically significant venues. Also, it provides access to the harbor area, which has marine related industries, ferry service, as well as recreational and commercial activities. Water Street experiences a high volume of visitation by both tourists and locals.

The BETA team was selected to develop and design harbor-front and roadway improvements, aimed at creating a harbor side promenade along Water Street. The project will include sections of new bulkhead, boardwalks, widened sidewalk, streetscape, decorative lighting and traffic calming applications.

In addition to the physical project, BETA’s responsibilities include visioning for the Water Street/Downtown with a focus on increasing tourist visitations and the length of stay. Key objectives are to strengthen the linkage between Harbor, Water Street, and its attractions to the commercial downtown. BETA will also assist with the development of interpretive signage and pieces.

Project Management Team