Wellesley Square Improvements Preliminary Design Phase

Wellesley, Massachusetts

BETA developed a master plan and preliminary design documents for the Wellesley Square/Central Street corridor in Wellesley, Massachusetts. This two-lane urban arterial plays a significant role in the daily lives of many Wellesley residents. The project area includes three signalized intersections with an ADT of approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. Major adjacent land uses include many distinct commercial areas including passive and active recreational facilities, civic and community centers, churches, commuter train stations, and an elementary school. This arterial functions as a major regional transportation thoroughfare bisecting the town.

This multi-phase project included a pilot phase to test out shared-use space configuration requirements, particularly the consideration for intersections in the square area. The overall design developed on the Wellesley Square project carefully balanced the issues of traffic, pedestrian safety, accessibility, aesthetics, and streetscaping and roadway improvements while reflecting the existing village character of the town. Pedestrian safety and connections were the key focal points throughout the design development. Safety improvements such as roadway neckdowns at crosswalks, improved pedestrian signalization, and special pavement treatment to better delineate crosswalks were implemented.

The project included the design and considerations for a state-of-the-art adaptive traffic signal system that is able to monitor, evaluate, and fine tune the system via the town’s traffic control site. The system also utilizes a very comprehensive traffic management software tool called the TACTICS system.

Comprehensive public participation, survey, and coordination were critical to this project. Our personnel successfully conducted public coordination efforts for the project and successfully assimilated the divergent ideas of a variety of groups and representatives through the project’s consensus building process.