Wire Road Intersection Improvements

Merrimack, New Hampshire

Wire Road is a major collector that intersects Daniel Webster Highway (US Route 3) at a skewed angle from the northwest. This skewed angle makes reduces sight distance thus makes turning onto US Route 3 difficult and dangerous. The high volumes of traffic on US Route 3 also make turning onto it from Wire Road difficult. US Route 3 also has discontinuous sidewalks between Wire Road and Baboosic Lake Road. BETA is evaluating alternatives to improve safety and traffic efficiency at the Wire Road/US Route 3 intersection. The options being evaluated include a re-aligned Wire Road entrance to US Route 3, a signalized intersection, and a two lane roundabout. Signals will be coordinated with other signals in the area to improve traffic efficiency. This evaluation requires a detailed traffic analysis and evaluation of project impacts and costs for each alternative. In order to improve pedestrian safety, sidewalks will be added on US Route 3 within the project limits. BETA is performing public engagement to gain public input on the issues at the project area and to gain input on the possible solutions. Coordination with environmental and historic agencies is also on-going.

Once a preferred alternative is selected, BETA will develop the final design of the improvements to be put out to bid.