Pavement Management Resource Center




BETA Group, Inc. is a leader in providing Pavement Management Services throughout New England. We created this resource to provide information on a variety of pavement preservation techniques that are available to repair and preserve road networks in the most effective and economical manner. This site is continuously updated to capture the new and emerging technologies of pavement repair techniques to provide communities with a robust resource to better manage their most valuable asset: their roadway network. We hope this site becomes your trusted source for all of your pavement management needs.

Explore the repair techniques below to see more information including:

  • Repair description
  • Ideal candidate selection
  • Life extension of the treatment
  • Photos and videos

Not sure which treatment is best for your roadway? We’ve developed a Pavement Treatment Selection Guide which will help you choose the best pavement treatment solution for your needs. Click to download this helpful guide, and contact us if you’d like additional resources.

Looking for even more information? Check out the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance’s Treatment Resource Center. This resource is a combined effort from experts across the industry. It includes the most current guidelines, process information, research, success stories, and in-depth quality assurance recommendations to equip you with the tools you need to ensure treatment success.

Repair Treatments