Jeffrey Maxtutis

Senior Associate

Jeff is a Senior Associate in our Norwood office with more than 30 years of experience in transportation planning for projects in the northeast United States and across the nation. His responsibilities have focused on producing and overseeing traffic and transportation studies, ranging from small developments to large-scale projects including traffic, highway, transit, pedestrian and bicycle, and multi-modal projects.

Jeff’s technical expertise includes highway and interchange operations, electronic tolling, corridor studies, neighborhood traffic calming, special event operations, traffic modeling, transit planning and operations, bus rapid transit priority signalization, municipal master plans, complete streets, safe routes to school, and state and federal environmental reports including MEPA/NEPA.

Jeff is recognized for a wide range of planning expertise in improving the mobility and safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorized modes of transportation. Jeff is uniquely qualified based on his high level of expertise in a variety of active and award-winning transportation projects.

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