Town-wide Transportation Study

Milton, Massachusetts

Traffic along Milton local roadways to avoid congestion on I-93 has been a long-standing issue in the community. Local roadways experience high volumes of cut-through traffic at high speeds that has negatively impacted the quality of life for Milton residents.

BETA is developing a town-wide traffic model that will provide Town staff, Boards and Committees with information to make transportation and land use decisions. The traffic model will allow the Town to test the impacts of potential transportation improvements and impacts of “what if” land use, development, and transportation scenarios. The model is being used to evaluate:

  • Milton Village – Signalization and Coordination Improvements
  • East Milton Square – Multi-modal transportation and parking improvements
  •  Adams Street at Squantum Street intersection improvements
  • Potential Road Diet treatment on Granite Avenue north of East Milton Square
  • Potential developments
  • Traffic Calming Devices
  • Changes in circulation patterns
  • New signals and roundabouts
  • I-93 ramp closures

New traffic data was collected including volume, speed, travel time, and origin-and-destination data. Capacity, level of service, queuing, and delay analysis will be conducted to evaluate alternatives. The model was developed using Vistro software and uses Vissim to provide 3-dimensional simulations. A Curb Space and Truck Loading and Delivery Operations Study was conducted for East Milton Square. Work included a 12-hour parking utilization and turnover survey, observations of truck loading and delivery, and conflicts with vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. Based on the results, a set of recommendations was developed to improve vehicle turnover, increase parking supply, and eliminate truck loading/delivery conflicts.

Project Management Team