Robert E. Smith, LSP


Rob is a Licensed Environmental Professional with more than 25 years of varied experience performing environmental services throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Vermont. He is dedicated to providing superior technical solutions to his clients to achieve their project goals. He has achieved solid project outcomes throughout his career, including regulatory closure on a number of challenging projects. He has significant experience completing assessment and remediation of sites under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Massachusetts Solid Waste Regulations. He also has experience with brownfield assessment and cleanup projects in Massachusetts using state and federal funding. Rob possesses a Grade 2 Industrial Wastewater license in Massachusetts. He has experience managing permitting projects in Massachusetts, including United States Army Corps of Engineers Section 408 Permits and the Wetland Protection Act. His experience includes a variety of contaminants such as PFAS; chlorinated solvents; PCBs; heavy metals; gasoline; #2, #4, and #6 fuel oil; solid waste; and many others.

Rob has experience designing and implementing remedial actions including in-situ chemical oxidation, bioremediation, groundwater extraction and treatment, NAPL recovery, high-vacuum dual phase extraction, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, point-of-entry drinking water treatment systems, sub slab depressurization systems, vapor barriers, stabilization of heavy metals, and large-scale excavations.

Rob has implemented various subsurface investigations including soil gas sampling, vapor intrusion assessments in buildings, sediment and surface water sampling, and aquifer testing. His experience includes hydrogeologic characterizations in both soil and bedrock using a variety of techniques. He has experience conducting NAPL assessments including NAPL transmissivity measurements. Rob has also conducted short-term and long-term pumping tests, yield tests, and slug tests including data evaluation and calculation of hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity. He has experience conducting risk characterizations under the MCP as well as implementing Activity and Use Limitations.

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