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Capacity, Management, Operation, and Maintenance Response to Administrative Order

Bristol, Rhode Island

In response to a Consent Order from the RIDEM and an Administrative Order from the  EPA,  BETA  is  providing  engineering  services  to  address  Capacity,  Management, Operation, and Maintenance “CMOM” issues associated with the Town’s wastewater collection system. The system consists of approximately 90 miles of gravity sewer, of which 25% were constructed between 1900 and 1930, and  11 pumping stations.

The  RIDEM  Consent  Order  requires  the  Town  to  conduct  SSES  rehabilitation  efforts (removal of infiltration and inflow) within the collection system. The EPA Administrative Order  requires  the  Town  to  identify  public  and  private  sources  of  extraneous  flow entering the collection system and develop plans to remove, redirect, or store these flows to eliminate capacity-related surcharges and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).


  • Completion and update of the EPA’s CMOM Self-Assessment Checklist
  • Development of a CMOM Corrective Action Plan & Implementation Schedule
  • GIS mapping of the wastewater and storm drainage collection systems
  • Development of Routine & Priority Cleaning and Inspection Programs
  • Development and implementation of an electronic Asset Management Program
  • Fats, Oils and Grease (“FOG”) Program update
  • Emergency Response Plan update

Hydraulic Modeling and Capacity Assessment

  • Hydraulic Modeling including a complete flow metering program and detailed analysis of known system overflow locations
  • Capacity Assessment of all main line sewers

Sewer System Rehabilitation

  • Town-wide rainfall and wastewater flow monitoring, including flow isolation
  • Town-wide Private Property Inspection Program for approximately 7,000 homes and businesses
  • Implementation of Public Education Programs to promote private source I/I reduction and prevent FOG discharge
  • Interim measures for addressing SSOs
  • Sewer system rehabilitation recommendations and implementation of various rehabilitation and replacement projects

Pilot Program for reduction of inflow and infiltration from private sources.

Project Management Team