Kendrick Street/Nahanton Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Needham and Newton, Massachusetts

The Town of Needham and the City of Newton jointly own the bridge carrying Kendrick Street/Nahanton Street over the Charles River, which serves as the border between the two municipalities. The bridge is a three-span continuous rolled steel beam bridge originally constructed in 1959 and re-decked in 1988.

The two municipalities retained BETA to perform a bridge replacement investigation and evaluation of the structure; recommend repairs geared towards extending the structure’s service life; design those repairs; prepare and file appropriate regulatory permits; prepare construction documents; and provide construction services, including full-time inspection.

In addition to a hands-on inspection by our qualified inspection team, the investigation included an underwater inspection, concrete testing of the substructure, sonic/ultrasonic testing of the concrete deck, hydraulic and scour analyses, and a fatigue analysis.

The repair program included partial-depth repairs to the concrete deck, repairs to steel cover plates, replacement of deck joints, replacement of bridge bearings, repainting of structural steel, and repairs to riprap slope paving.

Project Management Team