LSP/Environmental Assessment & Remediation Services

Fitchburg, Massachusetts


BETA provided environmental assessment and remediation services as part of the extensive renovation project at Fitchburg City Hall, which is an approximately 36,486-square-foot multi-story structure situated on 2.2 acres. The building was constructed between 1820-1852 and is located in the heart of downtown Fitchburg. BETA conducted an assessment of soil conditions within the basement area of the structure. Soil analytical results revealed detectable concentrations of lead in the interior soil samples exceeding the applicable MassDEP Reportable Concentration for Soil Category 1 (RCS-1) standards resulting in the notification to MassDEP of a release to the environment.

In accordance with 310 CMR 40.000 of the MCP and on behalf of the City of Fitchburg, BETA submitted a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan to remediate and properly manage lead-impacted soils from beneath the building’s footprint during redevelopment activities. BETA oversaw remedial-based and assessment-based RAM activities, including the preparation and implementation of the Site Specific Health & Safety Plan, Soil Management Plan, and the supervision of the excavation and management of impacted soils for on-site reuse and off-site disposal via Bill of Lading documentation. Following the off-site removal of lead impacted soils, the remaining impacted soils beneath the building’s footprint remain in place beneath the new concrete slab foundation to act as a permanent cap.

BETA assisted the City in achieving permanent regulatory closure through the preparation and submittal of a RAM Completion Report, a Method 3 Risk Characterization, Permanent Solution Statement, and Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) documentation. The AUL was implemented in accordance with 310 CMR 40.1074 to maintain a condition of No Significant Risk within the footprint of the City Hall building structure. BETA played an integral role as part of the City’s design and development team, helping the City maintain its budget and construction schedule amidst unforeseen remediation costs. This project was awarded a “2021 Preservation Award” by Preservation Massachusetts, in acknowledgment of the project team’s excellence and achievement in historic preservation in the Commonwealth.

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