PFAS Remediation Services

Barnstable County, Massachusetts

BETA is providing Licensed Site Professional (LSP), environmental engineering, and environmental remediation services for the documented Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) release at the Barnstable County Fire and Rescue Training Academy (BFTA). PFAS have been identified in soil and groundwater at and adjacent to the BFTA, including near public drinking water wells and in surface waters and sediment.

BETA has been working with the County and DEP to continue evaluating the imminent hazards to downgradient public and private water supplies, develop plans for interim expansion of the existing groundwater pump and treatment system, plans for site capping and stormwater management improvements (so not to exacerbate the contaminant plume), conduct soil and groundwater assessment to determine the extents of the contamination as well as understand the fate and transport of PFAS at the site which includes quarterly groundwater monitoring and assessment and sediment and surface water assessment of the adjacent pond.

As part of several response actions occurring at the site, BETA provides oversight for the operation and maintenance of a groundwater pump and treatment system. The system uses a groundwater recovery well located approximately 800 feet southeast of the BFTA and pumps groundwater to the system for treatment via activated carbon for removal of PFAS in groundwater and discharges the treated water on-site upgradient of the system. The laboratory analysis has documented 26 PFAS compounds well below the health advisory standards and has calculated the removal of 0.023 kilograms of PFAS per month on average.

In January 2019, the site was designated as a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) site in accordance with the MCP. BETA presented and distributed a PIP in May 2019 to the Town of Barnstable and its officials. After working with citizens and interested parties, BETA finalized the PIP the following month. PIP activities are ongoing. BETA is also working with other companies that are conducting pilot tests/studies on various remediation/treatment technologies for the removal of PFAS from soil and groundwater.

This project will help improve the groundwater conditions that are immediately upgradient of one of the Town’s public drinking water supplies as well as providing additional data to MassDEP and the PFAS scientific community on the fate and transport of PFAS in the environment.

Project Management Team