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Route 9 and 27 Interchange Study and Design

Natick, Massachusetts

BETA was selected to develop a practical range of improvements for the Route 9/Route 27 Interchange which has a confined and restricted foot print. This Interchange was substandard relative to current highway standards and was experiencing traffic capacity and safety issues. In addition to its functional obsolescence, the Interchange had conditional issues such as the poor state of repair of the bridge structure carrying Route 27 over Route 9, as well as poor drainage handling facilities.

The overall approach was to methodically define deficiencies, assess present and future traffic flow needs, elevate pedestrian and bicycle needs, and develop options and measures for improvement. The study yielded three concepts for improvement covering a range of scale and identified possible partial and/or staged implementation initiatives.

BETA additionally worked closely with the Regional Transit Authority to relocate bus stops necessitated by interchange improvements. The effort followed MassDOT’s Design Guidebook and produced a Conceptual Design Report and Concept Plans (three options), as well as a 25% Design submission package. The project required close coordination with the Town and MassHighway. BETA assisted the Town in the application process for the Massachusetts Opportunity Relocations and Expansion (MORE) Jobs Capital Program.

Project Management Team