On-Call Statewide Signing Update

Statewide, Massachusetts
highway sign MA


BETA was selected by MassDOT for a statewide sign upgrade on call contract. BETA prepared sign contracts for: Interstate Route 195 from Exit 1 in Seekonk to Exit 11 in Dartmouth, which is approximately 21.8 miles long, and the Lowell Connector from Exit 1 in Chelmsford to Exit 5 in Lowell, which is approximately 2.6 miles long.

Services consisted of the following:

  • Conducting field studies
  • Producing a photographic inventory of the existing signs
  • Designing new overhead and ground-mounted guide signs and their support structures.
  • Producing new warning and regulatory sign layouts at the interchanges.
  • Developing guide sign layouts using SIGNCad.
  • Ensuring conformance with the most recent State and Federal Standards.

The I-195 assignment also included the following:

  • Developing diagrammatic guide signs.
  • Inspecting the condition and determining suitability for reuse of the sign supports.
  • Updating the guide signs.

The Lowell Connector assignment included a solar-powered, flashing warning beacon at eastern terminus in Lowell.

Project Management Team