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Tanyard Brook Watershed Study and Design

Bristol, Rhode Island

BETA worked with the Town of Bristol to conduct a hydraulic and hydrologic analysis of the Tanyard Brook. The Tanyard Brook runs from the State Street Reservoir, centrally located within the Town of Bristol, southwesterly to the outfall in Walker Cove, a distance of 4,500 feet. The brook receives stormwater runoff from a 500-acre watershed.

As part of the project, BETA inspected the drainage networks contributing flow to the Tanyard Brook. This information was incorporated into the Town-wide GIS network and utilized to construct the hydraulic model.

BETA completed the hydraulic and hydrologic analysis utilizing a combination of SCS and SWMM methodologies. As part of the study, BETA evaluated various alternatives to mitigate the problematic flooding within the low lying areas adjacent to the brook, as well as the drainage system contributing to the brook.

Final design for the project was divided into two phases. The initial phase of the project consisted of replacing the existing culvert with a new 4’ by 9’ precast concrete box culvert from the outfall to Garfield Street a distance of approximately 1,500 linear feet. The project involved extensive environmental permitting and utility relocation to accommodate the new culvert. Final design for the initial phase of the project was completed in 2011, and construction was completed in June 2013. BETA provided construction administration and resident inspection services for the Town.

BETA is currently under contract to complete design of the second phase of the contract. The second phase extends from Garfield Street to the State Street Reservoir and includes replacement of approximately 3,100 feet of 3 by 8 culvert.

Project Management Team