Wastewater Treatment and Nutrient Removal Facilities

Warwick, Rhode Island


BETA provided planning, design, and construction administration services for an Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility (7.7 mgd) providing biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal. The existing 5.0 mgd secondary treatment facility was upgraded to increase capacity and comply with new permit limits.

The City of Warwick entered into a Consent Decree with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) and the EPA to provide advanced wastewater treatment. Throughout the project, all Consent Decree deadlines were met. BETA completed a Facility Plan for future expansion and improvement of the City’s wastewater collection and treatment system. BETA provided design, construction administration/resident observation, and start-up assistance for AWT improvements.

Treatment improvements included the following processes:

  • Inlet and Preliminary Treatment Facilities
  • Primary Sedimentation and Sludge/Scum Pumping
  • Biological Phosphorous and Nitrogen Removal
  • Process Aeration and Automatic DO Control
  • Final Clarification and Sludge/Scum Pumping
  • Biofiltration Odor Control
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Gravity Sludge Thickening & Rotary Screen Sludge Thickening
  • Disinfection and reaeration system

Other improvements designed and constructed under separate contracts included a new administration building, complete renovation of the existing operations building and laboratory, and a new PLC-based operating and supervisory control system, along with a radio frequency telemetry system for 41 remote pumping stations.

Project Management Team