Water Street Roadway and Safety Improvements

Framingham, Massachusetts

BETA was retained by the City of Framingham to perform a visual inspection of the existing 60 year old retaining wall along Water and Central Streets. The inspection assessed its current condition, areas of deterioration and reviewed various alternatives for its replacement.  Based upon the findings of the inspection, the City selected BETA to provide the final design of the wall along with other roadway and safety improvements to the Water Street corridor.

Based upon input from the City, abutting property owners, and the Saxonville community, BETA designed a stone-faced concrete wall and stairways to enhance the area’s overall function and aesthetic appeal. The project included widening the sidewalk to 9 feet, adding ornamental lighting and providing extensive landscaping. The project also included adding a sidewalk to the opposite side of Water Street to improve pedestrian safety while bringing people closer to the adjacent and scenic Sudbury River.

In order to minimize impacts to the abutting residential properties during construction, temporary arrangements were made for the continuation of services including solid waste and recycling pick-up, parking, and mail delivery. BETA provided construction administration as well as full-time resident observation during construction.

Project Management Team