On-Call Traffic Engineering

Connecticut Department of Transportation

The Statewide On-Call Traffic Engineering assignment for CTDOT has tasked BETA to develop compliant traffic signal clearance timing for District 3. This project has resulted in BETA accumulating all traffic signal plans for this assignment area and evaluating clearance timing. This project is being undertaken by the state as a safety project to insure appropriate signal clearance timing consistent with MUTCD standards are in place.

A second assignment under this on-call will have BETA measuring safe speeds for horizontal curves on state highways in District 3. This process will measure the comfortable speed for advisory posting at curves and is considered a critical safety effort to be done on an expedited basis.

BETA is one of two consultants to have been assigned for On-Call Traffic Engineering tasks. DOT has recognized our ability to complete complex and data intensive projects by assigning inventory and analysis projects involving the documentation of over 400,000 signs and 1,100 traffic signals.

As a task-based program, BETA expects to call upon the substantial capacity it possesses in traffic engineering for each assignment. This assignment has drawn together the firm’s leading experts in various areas and identified support personnel who would be directed to each assigned task based on their experience. The areas in which tasks will be forthcoming include:

  1. Operational Analysis and Design of Traffic Signals & Signal Systems
  2. Signing and Pavement Markings
  3. Traffic Engineering Related Studies
  4. Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  5. Rail Highway Grade Crossings
  6. Additional Services

Project Management Team