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Bushnell Park North – Complete Streets

Hartford, Connecticut

Bushnell Park North is a premier example of Complete Streets as part of Hartford’s New Intermodal Triangle. The project included a road diet for the roads along the northern edge of Bushnell Park. This provided for an expansion of Bushnell Park, with a grand promenade which improves pedestrian safety, accessibility, and encourages community activity. The project also included LID elements, ornamental lighting, pedestrian amenities, and new plantings.

BETA completed extensive modeling to understand the existing and future traffic demands along the combination of roadways that border the northern edge of the park. The number of lanes within these roadways has been reduced to provide a less impactful cross-section and friendlier atmosphere for multi-modal use. One section is now used as a travel lane for on-street parking during off-peak hours to increase parking supply while reducing environmental impacts. This project was the first expansion of Bushnell Park in over 100 years.

Project Management Team