Park Terrace Roundabout Design

Hartford, Connecticut

BETA was hired by the City of Hartford to design a single lane roundabout to replace an existing signalized 5 leg intersection at Park Terrace at Sigourney Street/Russ Street. This is the first constructed roundabout in the City. The assignment was performed under an on on-call engineering contract and included:

  • Completing a field survey of the project area sufficient for design purposes, including locations of existing utilities (overhead and underground) in State Plane Coordinates
  • Coordination and planning with the CTDOT
  • Engineering design based on a Local Road Accident Reduction Program (LRARP) schematic layout of the roundabout prepared for the Park Terrace at Russ Street intersection. The design and specifications were prepared in City and ConnDOT standards
  • Incorporating a two-way cycle track into the design
  • Developing a competitive bid package including: plan sets, details, specifications, cost estimate, public advertising (advertisement/notices to be submitted to the media/public)
  • Construction oversight

Project Management Team