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PCB Investigation and Remediation of City Pier

Fall River, Massachusetts

This 4+ acre site was investigated and remediated by the City of Fall River as a Brownfields site and was part of the Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor’s first round of Brownfield Support Team sites. Under EPA and MassDEP oversight and with Brownfield funding, BETA conducted a comprehensive investigation of site soils for the presence of PCBs. The investigation included over 400 soil borings and laboratory analysis of over 700 soil samples. This investigation allowed for the delineation of areas with PCBs greater than 100 part per million (ppm) and areas between 1 and 100 ppm.

Based on the results of the investigation, BETA prepared a Risk-Based Cleanup Plan that included the excavation and removal of soils with greater than 100 ppm of PCBs, consolidation of soils between 1 and 100 ppm, the support and repair of existing seawalls, and the installation of an engineered barrier over soils to remain on-site with PCBs greater than 1 ppm. BETA oversaw the first phase of this cleanup plan which consists of the excavation and consolidation of soils. Over 1,000 cubic yards of soil with greater than 100 ppm of PCBs were removed from the Site and over 3,000 cubic yards of soil with PCBs between 1 and 100 ppm were consolidated and managed on-site.  BETA has completed the assessment data validation of over 2,200 confirmatory soil samples and finalized a Phase I progress report to document the activities completed.

Project Management Team